My name is Orit and Baruch Hashem, thank G-d, I was born with a gift of healing and growing up in western society, neither understood it nor did I know whom to ask.  Among these gifts was a high spiritual level for which I am thankful each and every day. As an adult, I found guidance and education that helped me harness and direct these gifts so that I can help others.

Natural Health Therapist and Holistic Medicine Healing Specialist

In addition to my healing abilities, I am also a Holistic Health Therapist living in Jerusalem, and for many years treated people with Reflexology, Therapeutic Massage, Healing, Shiatsu, along with Aromatherapy, Bach Flowers and Therapeutic Herbs.


Always asking Hashem for guidance, I now do Shidduchim/Match-makings. Please fill out the online form:

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My Shidduchim/matches are to elevate the souls, L’Iluy Nishmat Rivka bat Yaacov and Shlomo Amatzya Lev ben Rafael Yechezkel, Righteous of Blessed Memories, Yehi Zichram Baruch. The shidduchim are shidduchey mitzvah. There is no payment required, only patience.


If you have a moment to surf my site, you can also read some of the poems I have written and view my artwork.


May Hashem be with you…Have a wonderful day!