One early morning, in the black of night, I remembered a vivid dream that seemed to repeat itself three times in succession.

I was in Venice, on some organized tour and was standing with the group of people with whom I was touring.  The tour guide was standing there and telling us something of the place and a legend.

The legend told of a man who lay prostrate on a stack of Bibles and swore to G-d and prayed that once a year, G-d would enable him to be flown by a bird to an island for one day.   Having said this, the man lay down on the ground, eyes closed, and a bird came to take him by the shoulder and fly him away.

The tour guide then indicated a young, tall, very thin and narrow, blond woman with very light blue eyes who had done the same thing; she prostrated herself on a stack of Bibles and prayed for the same as the man.  As soon as the tour guide told this tale, the woman softly fell to the ground, stretched out peacefully.  A medium sized bird with a white beak and dark brown feathers came and held her by one shoulder, lifting her into the air and propelling her forward, all the while she is resting peacefully in the supine position with her hands folded at her navel.

The woman and bird arrived at the island and the bird descended and lay the woman down gently on the ground.  The woman’s eyes opened and she rose from the ground to stand and spend time on this very peaceful and most beautiful island paradise.

After one day, the woman suddenly lay again on the ground, eyes closed and hands folded at her navel.  The bird appeared and flew her back to Venice.

Once she landed in Venice, she immediately opened her eyes and came to and stood up.

I then awoke.

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