Unprofessional Professionals

The question arose as to why so-called professionals can get away with being unprofessional?  My response was as follows.


I think older adults have brought this on themselves. Before you attack, read my theory.


I think that when older adults deny they’re getting older and continue to try to dress and behave like the youngers, they lose their dignity and status and no longer set an example for younger people; whether in personal or professional life. On the one hand, they might be able to “connect” with them to some degree; on the other hand the younger sees nothing that commands respect and rejects the older.


When we were younger and just began to learn about the world; in both the personal and business realms, there were older professionals from whom to learn. We would not have gone to a bar after work to “hang out” with them but when we were faced with tasks and projects we were able to get advice and direction from people who had been there and done that long before us.


By denying getting older and not wanting too much responsibility, more mature people have also put a lot of power in the hands of younger people regarding computers. Computers became a household item and people would call or wait for the neighbor’s kid or their own children and/or grandchildren. Computers have also done away with higher level literacy. Too many Blogs and websites are out there with poor grammar, bad spelling, icons and chat abbreviations. Too many parents working “out there” and not giving enough time to raising and parenting their own children.


Every maturing generation pooh poohs the younger people.

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