I went to Ne’eman in the Jerusalem Mall to buy some pastries known as bourekas.  Another customer and I were at one register while all the employees were standing around, laughing at the other register.  I called out and said “Excuse me but we would like to pay.”

A very young girl came over and with her face screwed up to show her annoyance said “You could have paid over there!”  I told her that when the place is open for business, the employees have to give service if customers are in the store; that they can joke as much as they want but not have people just standing and waiting for them to be good and ready to do their jobs.

She shoved my change into my hand with a look of disdain to which I responded by demanding to speak with the manager.  This guy saw it coming and IMMEDIATELY came over and introduced himself.  I told him what happened and added that I really don’t care who her father, uncle or brother is (this comment hinting she might be related to management, which is all too common).  I told him that her attitude stinks and that she should not serve customers in that way, unless he wants us all to go elsewhere.

Since that day, I have not seen her, which doesn’t mean she’s not there anymore.  Granted, these people are paid the lowest salaries but hey, I also got minimum wage at her age and for that kind of work!  I got paid minimum wage as a research assistant at a university hospital and I was grateful to have income!

I don’t know what kind of weirdos are raising this crop of people with no work ethic.  Even if they do not want to do this work for the rest of their lives, they should give their all while they are doing it.  Most people want to be the boss but to do that, they have to learn somewhere and with attitudes like that girl’s they will get NOWHERE.

Seriously, I speak as a parent of an adult child of whom I am proud.

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