Today – What a day!

This day began well.  I took the bus, still aided by my cane but before I could get into a seat, the driver stepped on the brake and I lost my balance and fell backwards.  Thankfully, I did not land on the floor; a male passenger grabbed the front of my coat to prevent my fall and I managed to grab hold of a pole.  My leg, however, still mending from a break not too many months ago, took a beating and even now, at night, it still hurts.

Once I got to work, the day went well, with the usual pressures.  In the evening, I had an appointment to work with one of the doctors from Hadassah on some of his lectures.  Before we began working, we ate dinner, during which one of my teeth broke.

This friend is someone I’ve known and been friends with since 1997.  Today, he has a beautiful house in a suburb of Jerusalem and his wife and son are abroad until the summer.  The man was so sad.  When I asked him why this was so, we talked and he said the only thing that matters in this world is money.  He has friends who are multi billionaires and when I asked him about them, he said that it was them who taught him that – that he’s been fooled all his life into thinking differently.  I suggested he find other friends and be less sad and feel better about himself.

My friend doesn’t sit in his living room or invite anyone to his house because it is an icebox.  He can’t afford to heat the 450 sq. m., since he’s supporting 2 homes; one here and the other abroad.  He showers in hot water and then wraps himself in what he described as a plush terry or velour (I don’t know) robe and then gets into his bed where he said he has an electric underblanket (sheet) to keep him warm.

When we finished working, I returned to my humble home.  I felt very fortunate that I felt warm and even though there is clutter, for lack of enough closets, furniture as well as other reasons such as time constraints, my house looks and feels like a HOME.  I have homemade cookies in a jar and cook for myself when I want and/or need.  For these things I thank G-d (don’t worry, I still ask for those OTHER things).

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