From Savta, With Love

I recently sent my granddaughter a package of gifts chosen with great care and oh soooo much love! The package contained two books, one three stories of classic children’s literature, the other with children’s songs, along with two audio CD’s. I also sent her a dress and package of three pairs of underpants. On a religious note, a teeny Book of Psalms.

Sending this package entailed overcoming one obstacle and then another hurdle. First, I had no box. Let me explain that I usually pad the contents thoroughly in bubble plastic and then put in a box to protect in shipping. In this case, the boxes I had or found were either too big or too small or too heavy or WHATEVER. I improvised with two bags of sturdy, brown paper, which I taped and covered with adhesive wrapping. I waited until the Canada Postal strike was over, then the lockout and then waited yet another week and a half so that my package would have better odds at not ending up in some forgotten corner in the backlog of post strike and post Canada backed up deliveries. This strategy might have helped slightly. I went even farther and actually phoned Canada Post.

Finally, the package was picked up yesterday and I was told that my granddaughter loved all the gifts but what she loved the most were the underpants, because they were purple.

As a fellow female, I totally understand this logic!

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