Sitting one day and thinking, it dawned on me that I can compare two experiences I share with my dog.

Two years ago, Pnina ran out into the street on a very sunny day when I took her to work with me in a ground floor office.  A client left the door wide open and she ran out.  The client, not knowing anything about dogs, probably thought that dogs belong outside or something like that and did not even warn me that she got out.  For all he knew, she could have snuck in.  In fact, she snuck out and ran straight to the street where a [woman] driver ran over her left hind leg, despite pleas from a woman on the side walk who told her not to move the car, that there’s a small dog under it.  In any case, we ran to the vet where Pnina’s leg was immobilized and she was given antibiotics.

A year ago I broke my leg.  It was a Friday night, Shabbat and I did not see an oily spot in the dark and fell on the stone steps outside my building and broke my left leg.  A neighbor took me to an all hours emergency treatment center.  I was treated horribly and once the doctor saw my x-rayed broken leg, he put only a half cast on with ace bandages.  This was to hold me until Sunday when I could see a proper orthopedist.  I was not given antibiotics or painkillers.  It doesn’t matter that I’m allergic to antibiotics, the doctor did NOT know this.


The second parallel was when I went to a doctor who didn’t know me, who tried every which way to cajole me to go for tests and she tried to hint that I could benefit from more physical activity.  The previous doctor who practically attacked me for being a large woman, was fired by yours truly.

The other day, I took Pnina for her mandatory annual rabies vaccine.  The vet tried to convince me to spay her and one of the things I told him was that spaying often resulted in them getting fat.  He looked at me and said “And what is wrong with that?  Whoever said that fat isn’t healthy?  There’s no real proof of that.”  Okay, at that point I thought that if he wasn’t married, I would grab him and kiss him.


My conclusion is that in future I might benefit more from being examined by a vet.

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