Vets Save Dog in Coma from Death Moments Before Euthanasia

A Rose is a Rose – My Best Friend Rose Has Stories Like No Other!

Before I tell you this story, allow me to simply say that with a friend like Rose, I don’t have to make up stories.  After too many months of not speaking, Rose, who was my neighbor more than twenty years ago in the rent stabilized, six-story brownstone where we both rented apartments, near Brooklyn College, we finally had a nice, unhurried conversation yesterday.  Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) Rose and I became close friends until this very day; she once visited me in Jerusalem during a trip here years ago and I visited her in her apartment and outings on my trips to New York.

Catching Up on Old Times

We caught up on family business, personal business and health business.  Our families include spouses, children, grandchildren and pets.  At the close of our long heart to heart, Rose suddenly asked whether I remember her daughter, Michelle’s, dog – a Teacup Pomeranian.  Of course I did.  Well, the dog “almost died.”

The picture is only for illustration
It is totally unrelated to the story

Near Death Experience

As friends will often exaggerate, I waited to hear the story of Pom Pom’s near-death experience.  One morning, Pom Pom woke up with tremors and other strange symptoms.  Some time later, Pom Pom lost consciousness.  Michelle took Pom Pom to the vet.  The vet examined Pom Pom and said that in this breed, there is a blood vessel that goes from the liver to the brain, which disconnects at birth.  Pom Pom’s blood vessel did not disconnect and so it carries toxins from the liver to the brain.  This could have been operated at birth but since it wasn’t, Pom Pom would remain in a non-living, non-death state unless the family would come to a decision.  They all decided that they would have to put Pom Pom down and everyone stayed home; no school or work for anyone in the household.

Michelle’s eldest called their rabbi and asked whether she is allowed to read tehillim (psalms) for the dog’s health.  The rabbi told her that she is allowed to pray for the dog’s health and recovery [note:  awesome rabbi].

Burial in the Yard

The family inquired whether it was legal to bury a pet in one’s yard, thinking it might be against the law.  As it turned out, it was legal and they were planning a burial after putting Pom Pom to sleep.

Get a Second Opinion

Crying miserably, they decided to talk to another vet.

Vet #2 examined the unconscious, comatose dog and gave it medicine.  The dog woke up!  Super Vet (everyone’s hero, come on, admit it) prescribed medication and said what Pom Pom had was a seizure and would need medication everyday for the rest of its life.

Today, Pom Pom walks and jumps but needs to be re-socialized.


Like I said, with my friend Rose, I do not have to make up stories!


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