Middle East Conflict – Facts of Life



In case people think the Arabs want land for land’s sake, I have news for them.  Land has nothing to do with it.  If 9/11 taught the world anything it is that land is not at all in question but rather, to impose the will of Islam on freer, more enlightened and progressive societies.  What did destroying the twin towers of the World Trade Center in NYC have to do with land?  Did they take over the plot of land?  Did they put up a flag?  They WANTED to build a Mosque there.

Acts of terror in Israel had nothing to do with land, more to do with lifestyle they do not approve of.  Back when a terrorist suicide bomber blew himself up in Tel Aviv’s Dolphinarium, it was because it was a place where young people went dancing and to meet up.  The western style of entertainment and leisure activities are foreign to Islam and in order to right the wrongs in the world, they blow people up.

Show no fear, only strength

The Arab mentality is so simple that no human who thinks in a more complex manner can truly understand.  Some tenets of Arab thought are:

  1. Honor – no matter how primitive their lifestyle, the care only about their honor.  Their mannerisms and etiquette revolve around honor, whether earned or not.  Any harm to a family’s honor can justifiably be defended by killing the person or source of loss of that honor.
  2. Pride – any damage to pride is a most serious offense, punishable by the harshest methods.  A thief who stole with his hand will have his hand crushed or cut off – need I explain more?  I’m sure you get the picture.  This restores pride to the family.
  3. Greed – No matter what or how much they have, they will want more and will sell out for money.
  4. Lack of Organization – much of the rubble seen in photos of Arab villages and dwellings come from their lack of organization and desire for everything to be handed to them and served on a silver platter.
  5. Fearful – Arabs are afraid, very afraid.  They fear dogs, courage and strength.
With Arabs, no one can show fear, ever.  I remember two incidents from my own personal experience:

  • During the second intifada, an Arab man sent me a message on an IRC program called Odigo.  He told me “We are coming to kill you.”  I replied “Okay.”  He repeated this two more times and I sent him the same response.  He finally asked me “What do you mean, ‘okay'”?  I reaffirmed my response, “Okay, I agree, go ahead, come on.”  He wrote me back:  “What do you mean, okay?!  You are not supposed to agree!  You are supposed to be afraid!”  I wrote him back:  “I am not afraid.”The man never wrote to me again and left our chat.
  • Some years back I had a young puppy named Shen.  My friend and I used to go to the park with my two dogs, Simba and Shen.  Shen was a curious and playful pup, who liked to sniff and explore the grassy area in the park.

    Shen (left) at the park.

    One evening, some 6 Arabs came into the park.  They congregated in a particular spot and shortly thereafter, a friend joined them on a motorbike.   Mind you, we are now talking about seven Arab men, young, strong ones, at that.  The one who rode in was cocky and he picked up a stone and threw it at Shen.  He missed her but I jumped up and SCREAMED at him.  Anyone who has heard me scream knows it is serious.  I yelled at him that she was just a puppy, a baby and why did he throw a stone?!?!?!

    – People, this was very serious and I showed no fear.  This man was not too much in control but –
    a woman who showed no fear and stood up and screamed at the bunch of them was scary.  One of the men walked over to me and APOLOGIZED to me for his friend’s behavior.

    For an Arab MAN to apologize to a WOMAN about a DOG is practically unheard of.

Arabs will talk to you one on one like your best friends, wanting similar things.  However, they will not dare stand up and oppose extremist autocrats.

To quote Ilana Dayan in an interview:  “Those who want can’t deliver and those who can deliver do not want.”


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