Mamie and the Bullies

I recently spoke with Rose.  Truly, over the years since I’ve known her, I never did meet anyone else like her.  Rose is true blue, will not speak ill of people unless she is 100% that they are really bad and even then she won’t dwell on them.

Bullies and Violence

With all the accounts of violence and bullying in the US in the public eye lately, Rose sat and thought.  She remembered a good, kind, girl back in school who always stood by her.  Rose thought and thought and realized that although she wasn’t aware of it at the time, she was bullied and this girl, whose name was Mamie, always protected her.

Rose found it odd that she even needed protection and couldn’t figure out why she was ever bullied.  As it turned out, Rose and Mamie kept in touch all through the years by writing letters.  That’s right, writing letters with pen to paper and a postage stamp on an envelope, delivered by a mail carrier.  Rose decided to put the issue at rest by asking some people who know Mamie, why she had to protect her and why was she even bullied in the first place.

It turned out, as is quite common among children and teens, that the bullies were a group of Italian American kids.  Rose still was confused so she phoned Mamie and asked her whether she remembered why she was bullied.  It turned out that those kids wanted Mamie, who was African American, to join them and they knew that Mamie and Rose were friends, so they bullied Rose in the hopes that that would cause Mamie to leave her and join up with their group.  Mamie, however, was a sweet soul and did not betray Rose.

Rose, G-d bless her, who never forgets a good deed, told me this story and I promised her that I would share it, so here it is.

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