A Story About A Kamea (Talisman)

Some Background

Mysticism and Kabbalah

Those who know me and my history, know I have a highly developed mystical side, while being a pragmatist and realist, so even if things that cannot be explained do occur, I am often cynical, take them with a grain of salt and question them before I accept them.  That being said, my former husband was a Jewish mystic, kabbalist and was a non practicing rabbi.

Desperately Seeking Kabbalist

This is not as disjointed as it seems as you will realize when you read on.  My heightened mystical awareness and unexplained occurrences brought me to seek out answers.  In New York City, unless I would have sought out the guidance of idol worshipers, Jewish mystics, practicing, observant Jews who practiced kabbalah, were not in abundance.  Most practicing rabbis began to study the Zohar, if at all, at an advanced age and would only discuss certain things written ABOUT kabbalah and not offer any practical information or advice.  What I did was pray (daven) for G-d to guide me and meet me up with a kabbalist.  One day, talking about mundane things, someone told me about a man who was his customer and also a kabbalist.  The man told me that the man gave him an answer to a question he never told him.  I contacted the kabbalist, made an appointment to meet with him and began to learn with him.  In time we began seeing each other socially and eventually married.

Working Together, Making Kameas (Talismans)


Gold Kamea

By the time that we were married, I had learned much and had many of my own energies under control and we did much work together.  Some of our work involved making Jewish talismans or kameas for people who encountered difficulties in their lives and turned to us for guidance.  Many were found to have an ayin hara  Unlike many kabbalists that write on parchment that is then placed in something and worn around one’s neck, my then husband would craft them out of gold, after carefully custom designing them for the particular person.  The piece was then processed in a special ceremony with special blessings recited and included other elements.  The receiver of the kamea was carefully instructed to wear it at all times and that if it would ever be removed, it would have to get back to us so that we could process it again.  The pieces decidedly changed people’s lives for the better and one day, he and I worked on designing kameas for the two of us.  Ours were especially potent and the design was one of a kind, mine with a diamond and his without but identical in every other way.

Is This for Real?

It turned out that the marriage came to a halt and as many who might or might not express it feel, I took issue with much of my former’s advice to people, which by his actions I saw as rhetoric and contradiction.  Over the years I had to remove the kamea from time to time, such as during particular medical procedures and tests.  I have also removed it to better clean it as my skin has been known to break out in an allergic reaction and to rule out debris that can accumulate from dead skin, soap and other things, I would cleanse it thoroughly and then put it back on.

Recently, I had an itchy rash and removed the piece to soak it for a few days in alcohol.  I thought to myself that maybe the kamea was just wishful thinking; that maybe   The rash began to itch more and spread wider around my throat and neck.  After a few days of this, as well as being sick with a high fever, I thought to wear the piece again and see if there was any change in the rash.  Almost instantly, the rash shrunk in size and became much lighter.  I went to my doctor who prescribed an expectorant cough syrup as well as an antibiotic.  The antibiotic had to be take with food so that evening, I took the syrup and antibiotic and when I sat down to eat, I began to cough and inhaled food into my windpipe.  It took quite some time to cough up the food, for the coughing to subside and for me to be able to drink some water and sit down to eat normally.  I had quite a scare because I could not perform Heimlich on myself and was truly frightened that the worst would happen.



Two days later I awoke from a nap with my entire face and head as red as a tomato and swollen with blisters.  When I touched my face, clear fluid oozed out and dried.  My eyes were swollen and my left eye almost shut.  I went to my doctor the following day and she was very frightened by the severe allergic reaction to the antibiotic she prescribed, to which she bore witness.  She prescribed an antihistamine and I went home.  Once I calmed down a bit and was breathing a bit easier, I touched my kamea.  The piece was turned inwards, facing my skin, instead of out.  This is significant because the entire piece is of letters that make up something of great significance.  I took it off, turned it around and placed it again around my neck.  Healing began and was evident.

Faith Restored

Had I not experienced this myself, I would not have believed it.  I thought the power, if any, had long worn off and even doubted whether there ever was any power.  I’m not promising but do hope to again find some of those additional elements and work on those blessings that we had written down and stayed with my former and to discover a method of processing solo, whereas previously the ritual was for the two of us.  We shall see; I commit to nothing at this point.


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