By: Orit Hizme

We sleep,and awaken
Please, don’t be mistaken;
Our minds and souls travel
And therefore unravel;
Things that are hidden
To those whom are bidden;
To act on information,
Or receive inspiration.

For during the night,
We have much clearer sight;
We dream,
And see images as though on a screen.

Even the roar of thunder
Does not disturb our slumber;
When we’re travelling to places,
Where we meet old and new faces.

New people who are very old
We’re frequently told,
Are really nothing to pay attention to,
But the enlightened among us do.
They are here to teach,
Not to preach;

In order to understand
Without risking a reprimand;
We seek those in kabbalah
To help us make a havdalah;
Between right and wrong,
To explain where they and we belong;

There’s no need to be nervous,
Hashem protects us like a thermos;
Insulating us from heat and cold,
Giving us courage to be bold.
Courage to seek,
Strength to the weak.

Often, sleepers are called lazy
And dreamers, crazy;
In fact, we’re greatly occupied,
Some of us have even cried.
It’s a wonder we don’t arise fatigued,
But, rather, intrigued;
To find the true meaning of all we have seen

Is it really, just a DREAM?