By: Orit Hizme
Green is the color of moss, grass and trees;
The color of growth and spring;
Growth must be nurtured;
Special care is needed;

Seeds must be sown;
Watered and nourished;
The right amount of sun;
Balanced by the moon;

First, there are sprouts;
Then, young and tender sprigs;
They grow and stretch;
To reach the greatest heights;

The water and earth must be prime;
Potent and rich with nourishment;
Their energy flows in synergy;
Receiving and transmitting strength;
G-d gives forth tenderness and care;
Lending His power to the elements;
For the earth without water cannot bloom;
And the water without earth cannot find balance;

True creation can only be;
A result of divine intervention;
The angels are sent to minister;
Bearing tidings and gifts;

The presence of water, earth, and energy;
Is a true and precious gift;
To cherish and cultivate;
Flow with and accept with open heart, mind and soul