War in Jerusalem, Israel


Jerusalem, capital of Israel and the holiest city in the entire world, held sacred by three major religions.  When people hold something sacred, they love it but showing love is dictated by culture.

Jewish Love

Jews show their love for Jerusalem by visiting it, celebrating their major events here such as Bar Mitzvahs and weddings, prayer and financial support.

Christian Love

Christians show love for Jerusalem by prayer and by visiting the city, among other things.

Arab Love

Arab love is by firing missiles, shooting live ammunition, trashing the place, etc.  Just like shooting rifles and guns with live ammunition into the air during their weddings and other joyful occasions, which has landed some celebrants in hospitals when the bullets come back down on their heads, they “love” Jerusalem by trying to kill it.

Shabbat, Shabbos, Sabbath

I lit the Sabbath candles yesterday and after reciting the blessing, asked G-d to grant us a quiet and peaceful Shabbat.  I look forward to candle lighting  all week long and think what food I will prepare for the holiest day on which G-d rested.  By the time the candles are lit, I have put away my computer and activated the timers on the lights and hot plate.  I have 25 hours of peace and relative quiet where, as a guest some years ago put it, everything stops.

After lighting the candles I usually lie down for a nap after a hectic day or two of shopping, cooking, cleaning and other preparations.

Pillar of Defense

Yesterday was not the typical Sabbath.  Shortly after assuming my post candle lighting position on the sofa, I heard high pitched howling from the stairwell.  I then heard voices of yet more neighbors, though Pnina was curled up and napping next to the sofa, completely undisturbed.

I went to my door and opened it to the sight of my neighbors walking down the stairs and Eti, the woman who lives a half flight above me, wrapped in a tiger striped blanket from the waist down, telling me to go to the shelter, there was a siren.  I put my jacket on and calmly walked down the stairs.  We stayed in the shelter for a few minutes and Eti and her son, Ofir, reported that there was a siren and that there were three bombs that fell.

War in Jerusalem, Israel

The photograph is merely for illustration purposes. The people in the photo have no connection to the article.

The smell of mold, bare bulbs, a few plastic chairs and odds and ends furniture that my neighbors put there as storage were the only things in the uninviting space.  The walls were painted white on exposed cinder blocks with one lone framed picture of a tree or something that looked very out of place.  I stood there, thinking I don’t have a folding or plastic chair to take down in case I would have to spend more time there.  After some minutes, we all went back up to our homes.

Not long after, when I was again trying to rest on the sofa, there was a knock at my door.  This time Pnina ran over and barked.  This time I put her on her leash and took her down with me.  Eti commented that I am to be commended for not leaving her home to which I replied that I can’t leave her behind.  I had to wonder whether she was sarcastic for Eti and the others are what I call Arab Jews who came or were raised by parents who came to Israel from Arab countries in the Middle East.  Like their Moslem Arab counterparts, they fear dogs and to fear my dog you really have to be of a particular mindset.  Like the Moslems who work themselves up into a state of mind that defies all logic, the Arab Jews go into a mode that defies all logic.

War in Jerusalem, Israel

The photograph is merely for illustration purposes. The people in the photo have no connection to the article.


A young woman, the daughter of another neighbor, suddenly told me that she wants to tell me not to bring the dog because the children are afraid.  I told her that it’s a great opportunity to teach the kids that they don’t have to be afraid, that it is my house, that I live there and she can go to her own shelter if she doesn’t like it and nobody will tell me what to bring or not to bring!  She insisted that the shelter was for anyone who didn’t have a shelter.  That woman was vile as a teenager and when she married and had children, I thought she would straighten out.  She was okay and then divorced and I find her vile and nasty.  I had to wonder what purpose G-d has for such people and why they have to live near me.

Again, we walked up to our homes and I told another young mother holding her infant that we are here only for the grace of G-d and that all we can do is our part, make our effort but that a person only lives for as long as G-d wants him to – no more and no less and that we should not let the media disturb our rest and pray and have faith.  She visibly calmed down and agreed and I decided not to go down to the shelter again; no matter what.

Homefront Command did say that if we have a rocket safe area in our homes that is also good, such as any space without external walls or windows.  I have the hall between my bedrooms and bathroom and that is where I will go in future, if the need arises.

The worst part of the whole experience was being in close quarters with my neighbors.


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